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Young, old, single, married, related or not and across different races, all women were created by God to be mothers in some way. We were made to mother. The Made to Mother (M2M) Project is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and inspiring women by sharing their diverse stories of motherhood, however they may look.

How many mothers have you had? Aside from your own biological mother, who you are has been shaped by a myriad of different relationships with other women…the caring babysitter or nanny, a favorite aunt, your grandmother, an older mentor. And what circumstances or children on your journey to motherhood have helped you become the mentor, teacher, parent or friend you are today?
Each mother, regardless of biological kinship, nurtures others in her own, unique way and has a powerful story to tell…single mothers, working mothers, step moms, foster moms, adoptive mothers, birth mothers, moms of one, moms of many, East coast mothers, West coast mothers, etc. We all have different stories about the women who have mothered us and how we, as mothers ourselves, have cared for others. M2M would like to share those stories.

Through the Made to Mother Project, I have the following goals:

  1. To hear your stories of motherhood, which you can send me through my contact page, on www.facebook.com/madetomother or by emailing me.
  2. Consulting a variety of mothering experts and resources to bring you meaningful advice and helpful information that can support and encourage you where you are at.
  3. Seeking your valuable mothering input through the Made to Mother Survey. Take the survey here and add your voice!
  4. Creating a book proposal for the project, called Made to Mother: Stories by Mothers About Motherhood From Across the Mother Spectrum

I welcome and need your participation during every component of this project. Becoming a part of the M2M community by sharing your story and mothering experiences, you can help create a useful and supportive resource for other mothers out there!

Do you have a story about motherhood you would like to share, possibly even publish? If so, I would love to hear from you about it! Please contact me at wynter@madetomother.com or fill out the form on the contact page and we can set up an interview OR take my survey here! And don’t forget to like/follow M2M on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr too!

Are you a family-focused author or blogger that loves to write heartfelt and inspirational words for women? Would you be interested in doing a guest post on M2M? Promote your website, book or speaking tour? Please email me, I would love to feature you!

I want you to know that all surveys and contact form entries will be kept anonymous and I will not share your name or contact information, unless I am given explicit permission to do so. Thanks for your interest in M2M and I hope to hear from you soon!


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