So M2M content is officially migrated…

All that’s left is to point the name server to my new site on Sunday (for you non-webbie folks, that means when you click on, you will go to my new site instead of this old one).

Because I went from to .org, though, there will probably be a couple hiccups along the way, which I am trying to sort out before Sunday. Unfortunately one thing I CANNOT transfer is those of you who follow me here on WordPress without your email. If that is you, will you PRETTY PLEASE visit my new, temporary site here and either follow me on WP over there or sign up to receive my posts via email?

Thank you so much! I have loved this last year of being on, it was a great place for me to start. However, M2M has scaled beyond’s capabilities and I am ready to take the plunge into self-hosted .org! I hope you will join me on Monday for the huge celebratory giveaway in honor of this big move and thank you for your readership!

Happy weekend!!!


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