November is Adoption Month and M2M Wants to Hear From YOU

There is nothing more beautiful to me than the strong women who make up the two sides of adoption motherhood. First, the woman who makes the brave choice to endure 9 months of pregnancy and several hours of labor pains to give life and a future to a child, and then hand him or her over to another. And secondly, the woman who receives that baby to love and raise as if it were her own flesh and blood. Both are mothers and both deserve to have a whole month to celebrate their roles. Of course there are so many other influencing components in the complexity of adoption…the adoptee themselves, siblings, aunts and uncles and grandparents on both sides, adoption counselors, agencies, legal team and caseworkers. The list can go on and on. Adoption touches so many different people and in many diverse ways.

It is one of my favorite causes to champion for, partly because of my own experiences with adoption. You can read more about that here, or for ALL the messy details, you can order a copy of the book I wrote about my journey to choosing adoption here or as an ebook for Kindle here.

As we approach the adoption month of November, I want to devote the whole 30 days to others’ stories that honor it…Birth mothers, adoptive mothers, adoptees, or anyone listed above or forgotten that either play a role in helping to support adoption or has been touched by it in some way.

If you or someone you know has a story of adoption or works for or has been impacted by a reputable adoption organization that they would like to share about on M2M during the month of November, please contact me, I would love to feature them! You can email me at


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8 thoughts on “November is Adoption Month and M2M Wants to Hear From YOU

  1. What a lovely thing to do. I love this “Both are mothers and both deserve to have a whole month to celebrate their roles.” Unfortunately I don’t know anyone that could contribute but I look forward to reading the stories. #TeamMM

  2. I enjoyed reading your story, Wynter. Thanks for sharing it. It seems every adoption situation is a bit different from the others. I have both a biological child and an adoptive child, and there are lots of differences in how they came to us, as well as how they differ in personality, traits, etc., and in the challenges faced as we raise them.

  3. I too am inspired by those who’ve chosen adoption as their path in parenthood, Wynter. My husband and I fostered for a time and, of course, had three biological sons. You’ve got a great idea to inspire and encourage parents with this upcoming series, my friend! I’ll be checking it out!

  4. I Can’t wait to read more in November Wynter!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  5. Hi Wynter. You were one of the most clicked links last week at Teach Me Tuesday…so…that means you’ll be featured this week. I appreciate you linking up. Hope to you see you again this week!

    Maybe this will get the word out better! Have a great day!

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