When ‘Good Enough’ Just…Isn’t

As a writer (and probably every other profession out there), we are always looking for the next, big thing. That next, super-popular post gone viral, our 15 minutes of fame, or a new, original and undiscovered idea. And when we have it, we revel and bask in the glory, for a moment, that we have produced something quality, worthwhile and meaningful. Until the light fades and our public moves on to something newer, better or flashier. And we are left, once again, to frantically search and grasp for that next thrill, that next great idea; something that will be good enough to get the attention of the masses…again.

Every time this happen on this crazy wheel of blogging, I ask myself, what if I’m not good enough? What if I cannot come up with something else? What if eventually those great ideas and posts just run dry? What if I can never achieve that NEXT thing? What if…?

As a blogger, I compete with hundreds of thousands of other writers and websites for my readers’ attention. I’m up against very talented women who blog about family, crafts, homeschooling, marriage, Christian living, recipes, and on and on and on. Even so, I like to consider myself in a smaller niche of writers where I won’t post the healthiest and tastiest crock pot recipe, the best tips and tricks on being an organized, homeschooling SAHM, or the most beautiful, pinterest-ready image featuring my amazingly inspiring words of wisdom about godly parenting and marriage. And unless I think it is absolutely something my readers cannot live without, you won’t find shamelessly promoted affiliate links or randomly advertised products within my content.

I consider Made to Mother a ministry….a nonmoney-making space where woman can feel refreshed or encouraged in their trials and triumphs of motherhood by reading about other’s similar stories or sharing their own. But, despite this resolve, I still have to compete with the many, many, MANY other bloggers out there who want the same readers’ attention. And I admit, I dream of the day when I have thousands of hits a day on my site, so many entries for stories that I have to turn some away and even more comments, likes and followers than I can keep up with. Granted, I am not there yet, but I think that for only having started M2M seven months ago, it is doing fairly well. Still, those “what ifs” are always in the back of my mind and I am consistently forced to lay this blog and its future at the feet of the One who has orchestrated and placed a writing burden on my heart.

So, when I feel that I am not good enough, that Made to Mother is not good enough, I remind myself that He IS and I trust that He will guide both as long as He sees fit.


35 thoughts on “When ‘Good Enough’ Just…Isn’t

  1. Great post! I just started blogging a few months ago, and I feel like my “dreams” and “what ifs” take up all of my thinking these days lol. I look at other awesome blogs photos and posts and try to get tips on what I could be doing better, but one step at a time I guess haha. I just cant kick the feeling that one day I will be uber famous lmao! We will take over blog world together one day at a time hehe. Have a great labor day!!

  2. Remember these words: You are not alone. One post gets 20 something comments and the next none at all. We all have those days, weeks, months, even years of this thing called blogging. I love that you look on your blog as a ministry rather than a get rich scheme, or the place to find crock pot recipes, or that next Pinterest image. Glad we’re neighbors at Unforced Rhythms — it’s what brought me here!

  3. Wow, I really can relate to this. It can be a challenge at times to not compare myself to other bloggers out there- especially when they have what seems to be hundreds of followers and I’m wondering, “Why not me?” But then, I sit back and remember that they have their own struggles and insecurities, just like me. If I’m feeling “less than,” I remove myself for the day, and find that living real life is much more gratifying anyway. But thank you for touching on this subject, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  4. I can very much relate to what you say. I have been at this for about eight months now, and the numbers grow slowly. But, I think that keeping the integrity (as you define it) in your blog and seeking to communicate meaningful, helpful messages is important. I try to do the same. It’s not perhaps how many people read or are moved, helped, inspired, or touched, but the degree to which you connect with any one person. Hang in there!

  5. This is evidently something that resonates with many of us writers/bloggers – I know you’d see me right now with my hand in the air. Me, too. It’s a struggle I return to often enough to know that the reminder of “I’m not enough, but God is” is so necessary to imprint on the heart. Thank you.

  6. Welcome, somewhat belatedly to the blogahood! I’ve been blogging since 2009 – My mission statement from the beginning was to write about “the faith, love and politics of raising boys to men.” I’ve never looked at it as a competition – as if I have to somehow to something more innovative, different or spectacular than another blogger. I’ve looked at it as writing what’s on my heart, telling a story that won’t let me rest till it’s told. Along the way, I’ve made friends with other bloggers who lifted me up when I was down, who encouraged me and were encouraged by me. It is amazing how God is in it! Wishing you blessing on your blogging journey, on the friendships you make, and the stories you will tell!

  7. Blogging takes tons of work, even my little blog of recipes that I often post to just once a week. But I try to remember that I’m not blogging to be popular. Yes, it would be nice, but I’m blogging to share what I know about cooking healthier meals with others, particularly my family that lives in other states than me. Also, in blogging I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about photography (and have a lot more to learn), and html, and even improved my writing. I try hard not to compare because it’s really apples to oranges: they get more hits, but their topic is different than mine. They have better photography, but I still haven’t commit to buying a new camera.
    Good post.

  8. Very honest heartfelt post…blessings for putting it out there. Keep your vision on what God has put in your heart to minister back into the lives of those who read it. He will give the increase. I have only been blogging 6 months next week…I just stay away from the comparison stuff and write my heart.

  9. I cannot believe you only started blogging 7 months ago! Your blog seems so professional. You’re certainly way ahead of me and I’ve been blogging almost a year now. We all feel that same pressures and get discouraged when we see others succeed. But keep going! This is an encouraging place to come and feel connected. Bless you! xx

  10. Over my personal journey to betterment that I am documenting on my blog, I have learnt that I am enough. Even when things don’t go right, this is still true. I think it also comes back to my spiritual beliefs. I am enough because of god. ANd, I am enough because I am me. xS

  11. Great post, wynter – and thanks for linking up on tuesday’s taste. i had no idea how many bloggers were/are out there until I started connecting, linking, commenting (which a friend told me I had to do) since May or so. Wow ! So many! I can get the feeling I’m not needed, but then need to realize I don’t do it for me (even tho it’s fun!)
    I’ve pulled back some on the networking (even tho I do like a new crock pot recipe!) because it can take some joy out of my blogging. On the other hand, it’s been good to get acquainted with some other great bloggers and be blessed and be a blessing. i’ve been blogging 6 years or more and have just started social networking (exhausting) and I’ll continue to ask the Lord to guide me in this. As you are doing! And, He is blessing. Be encouraged.

  12. I simply adore this post! And I am amazed at your traffic with only 7 months in this blogging gig? WOW. I have been writing with the same mission as you for four years now… and I keep praying for God to bless me with a bigger audience and readership to influence and grace with encouragement!! You are clearly doing some great work!!

    And I trust that God has both of us, exactly where he wants us. 🙂

  13. YES!!! As a non-recipe posting, SAHM homeschooling, crafting blogger, I also feel like my blog is a ministry. I’m working on revamping my vision, but I’m so glad to read someone else thinks the way I do!

  14. It is easy to get so caught up in that, isn’t it. I started my blog a million years ago (in 2008) mainly to document our lives. A place to watch the kid(s) grow and remember where the world takes us. Somewhere in there I got really focused on clicks and views and numbers. I was pushing out fluff just because I thought it would do well on Pinterest and had completely lost what I loved about my blog. It has taken a while to get back to where I am happy with it again and Im still figuring out where I am now in my blog world and what I’ve evolved into.

  15. Thanks for being honest about your thoughts. There are lots of blogs out there, but most of them are very different. I “connect” with some blogs better more than others, just as I connect with some people more than others. I think if you stick to your original mission statement, you’ll continue to grow and enjoy blogging! #wonderfulwednesday

  16. You captured the feelings of so many of us – me included! I’m only 6 months in on this blogging thing and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in numbers and comparisons. I have to keep reminding myself that ‘success’ of my little blog is defined by God and it’s just my city to keep writing. When the numbers are smaller than I’d like, I remind myself that maybe it’s ‘success’ if even just one person read something that touched them. Or maybe a post is more about a lesson for me – something I needed to hear or write through. Keep pressing on!

  17. Perfectly said! I have had these thoughts on many occasions too. I think we must remember why we blog and who called us to it. Then write for our audience of one and leave the ‘advertising’ up to Him.

  18. It is so difficult to feel “good enough”, let alone believe it that often we fell that “good enough” just isn’t, well, enough. I think that’s the daily struggle for all of us, especially as mothers, let alone bloggers or wives, or cooks, or crafters, or whatever it is we do. Looking to a Power Greater than oneself is often my answer, too. Though sometimes I even struggle that I’m not “enough” in that area as well, yet in my heart I know I’m doing what’s right for me. 🙂

    Swinging by from Family Fun Friday!

  19. You know, I love that: When I feel I am not good enough, I know He is. That is a beautiful thought. Thank you and keep it up. You are making a difference.

  20. Great post! We all feel that way. We just have to remind ourselves that everything we do, including our blogs, is really the Lord’s. I would LOVE to be some hot shot blogger, but in the end, I am happy (well, sometimes, I strive to be content) with the fact that my blog is a ministry and that I am staying in His will with it, and things will fall into place in His time. Love your blog by the way!

  21. Being a blogger myself, I totally understand how you feel. When I have these moments I remind myself that if I’ve touched one life it’s made a difference!

  22. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ve just spent nearly all afternoon working on my blog and it had me thinking…”why do I do this?” My blog is so small among the masses…Is it even worth it?” I’ve come to realize that it’s not about making money, getting all kinds of pageviews and followers. While I would love all three of those things, it’s really about sharing what you love and connecting with other moms. I’ve grown so much through blogging and I hope others have grown from my blog too. You aren’t alone in your thoughts!

  23. I tend to go into a funk every couple of months thinking the same things. It takes some time to get out of it, but when I do – I produce possibly my best work. I am motivated to write from my heart and not to worry so much about whether I’m good enough or not. It seems like it impacts us all as bloggers and writers.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you!

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