Made to Mother Project Update AND A Motherhood Monday Link Up

I have been so blessed by all the women I have “met” these past few months, the stories that have poured in and all the people who continue to visit this site, week after week to read these amazing and heroic stories of motherhood. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the women who have opened up themselves and shared their stories here, and thank you to everyone else, as well, for your faithful readership, comments, likes and social media shares. I had no idea back in December when I started this blog just how successful it would become and God continues to amaze me each week as more stories come in.

I have also been so encouraged by the outpouring of interesting responses from the M2M Survey and thought maybe you might like an update on what those look like. Here are some of the answers and data I have received from the 100s of responses to the survey:

Breakdown of types of mothers taking the survey:

Biological Mother 87.50%
Adoptive Mother 12.50%
Foster Mother 12.50%
Step Mother 6.25%
Single Mother 12.50%
Babysitter/Nanny/Childcare/Teacher 25.00%

Other sub-categories of mothers who’ve taken the survey:

Mom of One 18.75%
Mom of Few (2-4) 68.75%
Mom of Many 18.75%
Mom of Babies 43.75%
Adoptee Mom 6.25%
Stay at Home Mom 68.75%
Working Mom 50.00%
Homeschooling Mom 25.00%
Religious Mom 75.00%

Where moms get their advice from:

Friends 87.50%
Mother 81.25%
Sister 43.75%
Grandmother 6.25%
Mentor 31.25%

If you would still like to add your voice, please take the M2M Survey here!

I have loved reading the diverse stories that have poured in, but there are so many I would still love to hear from out there…some of which include:

  1. international and multicultural moms
  2. mommies with 5 or more children (aka, moms of many!)
  3. women who have been surrogates
  4. teenage/young adult nannies or babysitters
  5. stepmothers
  6. full-time working moms (preferably outside of the home)
  7. mothers with diverse religious backgrounds

If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing their story and answering a couple questions about how you mother in the above ways or any other kind of mom story you’d like to share, please email me at THANKS!

And now for the Link Up!

Please also visit M2M on Twitter @made2mother and like on!

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The Made to Mother Project is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and inspiring women by sharing their stories of motherhood. I hope that this link-up will continue to grow our community of mothers. Please read the guidelines below for information on how to join!


  • Please post family-friendly topics/websites. Bonus points if they have to do with mothering!
  • Be sure to link back to your blog post not your homepage.
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8 thoughts on “Made to Mother Project Update AND A Motherhood Monday Link Up

  1. wynter – this is a ton of work you are doing from a labor of love, I can tell. I can tell i’m tired cuz all I saw above was “breakdown” of moms… (: a little tired tonight. I’m thinking this is material for a book – at the least, an ebook. go for it! I just did a mini-ebook (see sidebar at for a free offering so that a passing reader may feel welcomed to His table. blessings and thanks for linking!

  2. My greatest gift is being a mom and I am blessed with two sons. I love that I made it through all those treacherous years that you hear about from more experienced moms and now I can see how amazing both of my sons have turned out to be. I am visiting you from Rachel’s place today and I’m glad to have been your neighbor! Blessings! Mary

  3. This is an awesome project, and I’m glad that I’ve found this! We all come from such unique backgrounds, and they are all wonderful in their own way. One thing I love about blogging is finding the diversity that exists with just moms. Very cool!

    Thank you for linking up this week with the SHINE Blog Hop!

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