My Review of 4 of the eBooks/Resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

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Here are four great titles in the bundle, which I am proud to review and put my stamp of M2M Approval on:

FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide by Alyssa Avant

This is a great how-to guide to turn your passion and calling into a work-from-home reality. Ms. Avant begins by telling us her own story of her struggle to step out of her comfort zone in her ministry career and trust God to meet her family’s financial needs while pursuing her passions of blogging, writing and speaking. She begins with a tutorial of how to first recognize your calling and hone it into a pursuable passion using your gifts and learned skills. Then, she provides great insight on how to balance your time, define priorities and scheduling, choosing the audience you should target, building structure and relaying your message through a tiered marketing plan and branding. All of it is summed up by taking a look at the financial piece of working from home and the freedom of leaving it in God’s hands while still making it a priority to give back to Him and working to be debt free. Finally, she concludes with your need to surround yourself with relationships (accountability partners, mentors and prayer team.
What I found personally most profound is her statement that, as a mother working from home, the idea of balance is misguided and false. There is no such thing and it requires a lot of flexibility. Of course I knew this, but to hear it from another blogger and writer is very encouraging an validating. I also needed the reminder to be okay with childish interruptions during the day and make a priority to stop and PLAY sometimes, so I don’t get tunnel vision. FaithLeaps provides a wealth of resources, scriptures and suggested links for even more info for work-at-home moms. I highly recommend this ebook for anyone struggling out there with the pressure to “get a real job” or wrestling with the desire and calling to pursue their passions while still being a full-time mom.

The Cherished Home: Protecting What’s Important by Mary Clendenin

Being a good mom and wife takes intentionality. This ebook begins by reminding us that if we are not intentional, we can get bogged down by stress in a stay-at-home rut. Our calling to be nurturing, loving and fun moms and wives requires constant self-examination, simplifying our life and revaluating our vision…the WHY behind the WHAT…and most importantly, keeping our eyes on Jesus, our rock of stability. From there, Ms. Clendenin gives us a checklist of the things we need to make a priority in order to give our family the best of ourselves: self care, cultivating our marriage, tending our home environment and serving in the community.
The rest of the ebook is a gigantic  encyclopedia of how to make the ordinary things at home be extraordinary. She offers really great suggestions of things to add to your family traditions…kindness jars, love letters, individual family member dates, bedtime routines, birthdays and holidays, chores and a litany of great “little things” ideas. It includes many printables as well for home and health and food recipes to try and concludes with a long list of other books, links and resources to add even more ideas. I think this ebook is a great source of encouragement and definitely a must-have for every mom needing fresh ideas so that we can leave a legacy for our children to grow up and cherish their own homes!

Character Badges by Caroline Allen

Not so much an ebook as a mommy resource, but I absolutely love this take on a sticker/performance chart for my littles. It basically puts together what every busy mom and dad want in a character quality-emphasized chart that we would search for on Pinterest, but neatly and concisely combined with everything you will need to make it successful. Included with the colorful printable badges and monthly charts for obedience, disobedience and consequences and flashcards with character qualities and easy-to-understand definitions, is a very well-written manual including diagrams and tips and tricks to help you use this tool successfully in parenting kids ages 5 and up. They start you off with 12 categories in both the obedience and disobedience charts (10 are given/defined in the program and 2 are left empty for you to add other specific ones important to your family). Three checks in each good quality results in a badge they get to wear all day long (cuteness!) And there is room on the charts to receive each category badge three times so you can always add your own rewards as they rack up badges, which I love. The disobedience chart is a little different in that, depending on the offense there may be a consequence every two or every single time they receive a check. And with each check they receive, the consequences, which you write or type in on the separate consequence chart, get more severe. But the nice thing here (since every family disciplines differently) is that you decide the consequences. To me, this fantastic parenting resource is worth the price of the bundle right there and I am so pleased to recommend it to you!

Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets and More! by Jennifer Fountain

Okay, so I don’t have twins or triplets, but I have a few family/friends who do. And frankly, I was completely fascinated with this title I just had to read it! In addition to being a very talented author, Ms. Fountain has put together a very informative and much needed resource guide for mothers expecting or currently bringing up multiples. She begins by telling her own heroic story of pregnancy, birth and newborn care as a first-time mom of three wee ones, including her struggles with breastfeeding. Wow, what a powerful story! Seriously, the whole book could just be about that! But, instead of just focusing on her story, she uses her experiences, both trials and triumphs, and her lessons learned to put together an amazing instruction manual for other moms of multiples. Coaching you from the day you have learned that you are expecting to the day you decide to wean, this book is terrific breastfeeding and the nursing advise for ANY newborn mother! Ms. Fountain is transparent about the challenges and tough realities of nursing multiples, but also weaves the positive, encouraging and good, practical advice for a mom to stick with it, even during the hardest of times. From everything including the human support you will need, to calories, vitamins, water and pumping equipment, she outlines an easy to read and practical guide every new mom needs to tackle breastfeeding. The care she put into the research and statistics is unbeatable and she also gives her readers a timeline of how to introduce nursing postdelivery, a sample schedule, suggested poses and even an example of costs for raising multiples. She offers a wide range of alternatives to breastfeeding that do not just include formula and other helpful hints, including small snippets of advices and stories from other moms of multiples. Not to mention a LITANY of other great resources! For a short, practical guide to breastfeeding, I highly recommend this ebook! Not just for multiples but for ALL nursing moms!

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*Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Please feel free to Read the fine print and the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.*

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